Production diaries

Wanna see something cool?

Today is finally the day where I get to unveil the official poster for Presence, designed by the ever amazing Jay Rawding with Be Bold. Jay and I have been meeting and discussing ideas of what the poster should be and how it will portray the style and atmosphere of the film and nothing seemed to really… Continue reading Wanna see something cool?

Production diaries

Here is a taste of Presence

We are unveiling some select stills from the set of Presence Photos courtesy of the wonderful Krista Comeau

Production diaries

‘Presence’ in development

Hey everyone, I am extremely excited to announce that Foster Ave Productions has started development on our next short film project. It's a psychological horror film called 'Presence' and is set to star Glen Matthews in the lead role with Natasha MacLellan co-starring. The film tells the story of Kyle (Matthews), a young musician who starts questioning his… Continue reading ‘Presence’ in development