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All sorts of happenings at Foster Avenue Productions!

This post is long over due, but it's not because I've been binge watching Netflix shows, it's because I've been super busy night and day, getting involved on a number of awesome projects. To start, for those of you who haven't heard, I've embarked on a crazy adventure of making my debut feature film! I've been writing strong… Continue reading All sorts of happenings at Foster Avenue Productions!

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Brand New Music Video for Death Valley Driver’s Carnivore’s Oath

Back in the fall, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the boys in Death Valley Driver for a new music for the tune 'Carnivore's Oath' from their latest EP. We all agreed this time we wanted to do something different and really ambitious. I got inspired by the idea of doing a concept video, which basically… Continue reading Brand New Music Video for Death Valley Driver’s Carnivore’s Oath

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‘Presence’ available online!

After a fantastic festival run travelling all over the Maritimes to Colorado, Presence is finally being released for the world to see! Presence tells the story of Kyle, a young artist who is slowly driven insane after he begins to hear sounds that are not detectable by human hearing. What ensues is an exploration into the power… Continue reading ‘Presence’ available online!

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Review of Presence at

Felix Vasquez Jr.over at was gracious enough to not only give Presence a view but to also write a very perceptive and positive review. We are really flattered and humbled by what they had to say and just wanted to share it with you all. While you're at it you should browse around… Continue reading Review of Presence at

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Wanna see something cool?

Today is finally the day where I get to unveil the official poster for Presence, designed by the ever amazing Jay Rawding with Be Bold. Jay and I have been meeting and discussing ideas of what the poster should be and how it will portray the style and atmosphere of the film and nothing seemed to really… Continue reading Wanna see something cool?