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This post is long over due, but it’s not because I’ve been binge watching Netflix shows, it’s because I’ve been super busy night and day, getting involved on a number of awesome projects.

To start, for those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve embarked on a crazy adventure of making my debut feature film! I’ve been writing strong for the last couple months or so and I’m nearing the completion of my first draft. To keep myself motivated and to share some insight into my process I’ve started a new blog which will be a very candid perspective of the entire process of making this film, from writing the first word to the final edit. It’s my hope that it will be a peak behind the curtain of this crazy world of filmmaking. I also hope it will become a resource for any aspiring filmmakers who need some help getting started as I learn and grow as a filmmaker myself.

You can check it out (and perhaps even subscribe) at

On top of that I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of teaming up with Jon Mann and Robert Ramsay at 506Films and Popular Demand Pictures on their new short thriller “Rearview”. I’ve been having fun polishing off this stark and expertly-crafted short film with some color correction and audio tweaking. Now while I’ve done a lot of that on my own work, this was my first time getting to put the finishing touches on someone else’s baby. But Jon and Robert were a pleasure to work with and I hope I get to collaborate with those fellas again real soon! Keep your eyes peeled for this film at the festivals!

lI’ll leave you all with the latest offering from the Foster Avenue Productions team: a perfect short horror flick for all of your Halloween needs. We decided to embark on a crazy challenge put on by the Colchester Film Festival in the UK where we had to write, shoot, and edit a 2-5 minute short film in no more than 60 hours. So I pulled in a wonder team consisting of my favorite people to collaborate with and then over some delicious pumpkin spice ale, we brainstormed and wrote our script Friday night, shot Saturday night, and edited all day and night Sunday squeaking in just in time for the deadline.

It was a weekend filled with blood, sweat, laughs, and exhaustion, but this was a fantastic challenge that I loved tackling. The time constraints allowed me to learn to trust my instincts as a filmmaker and story teller, and I am incredibly proud of what we pulled off in such a short amount of time. So with no further adieu, check out “Insert Coin”:

Hope you all dig the film and are having a blast getting ready for Halloween!


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