Production diaries

Brand New Music Video for Death Valley Driver’s Carnivore’s Oath

Back in the fall, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the boys in Death Valley Driver for a new music for the tune ‘Carnivore’s Oath‘ from their latest EP.

We all agreed this time we wanted to do something different and really ambitious. I got inspired by the idea of doing a concept video, which basically was a full short film set to the song. After numerous repeats of the tune, I just kept getting the feeling for a seventies style crime film and after blending that with DVD’s love of fight club we had a concept that was bigger than we had originally anticipated.

We ended up shooting for two days over Thanksgiving weekend, we shot ten scenes over four locations with a total cast of about thirty people. We pushed ourselves in all aspects, from camera work, to special effects and even having a professional fight choreographer on set.

I was amazed at how vicious and intense the fighting came out considering it was all be worked out on the day. I couldn’t have completed such a massive project on such a tight budget without the enthusiasm and professionalism of the entire cast and crew.

This is probably the video I’m most proud of and I hope you all enjoy! So sit back, crank it and enjoy some Carnivore’s Oath from Death Valley Driver

Colin MacDonald
-Foster Avenue Productions

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