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Revolver Magazine premiered Death Valley Driver’s “Smoke Whip” music video

What an insane ride! Back in November we teamed up with another band from Diminished 5th Records, this time it was Death Valley Driver who needed a music video for the track Smoke Whip from their album Graveyard Dead.

We shot for two days in the basement of the Roy building in deadly conditions with dust and dirt and danger around every corner. But we not only survived, we had a blast shooting this video. That was then followed by three months of post production which very quickly wrapped up last week when we were set to release the video on March 7th. DVD had a big show booked in PEI for the unveiling, but even crazier news came when Revolver Magazine offered us an exclusive opening to premiere the video on their website! So on Friday, March 7th the video went live on the home page of Revolver Magazine offering us exposure beyond anything we could imagine!

It still seems surreal to have people tell me, hey I saw your music video on Revolver Mag as it was a magazine I read a lot in my youth. So here is your chance to check out the latest video from Foster Avenue Productions and Death Valley Driver, I hope you enjoy!

The music video on the Revolver Magazine home page!
The music video on the Revolver Magazine home page!

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