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Presence to screen at the Silver Wave Film Festival plus more!


After a wild and amazing premiere at the Atlantic Film Festival in September, I was itching to secure the next screening for Presence!

As October approached, I received two bits of amazing and exciting news back-to-back. The first being that the wonderful people at the Silver Wave Film Festival accepted Presence to screen as part of their Midnight Madness horror night on November 8th 2013 at the Tilley Hall, UNB Campus in Fredericton, New Brunswick!

I have been dying to have the opportunity to attend the Silver Wave Film Festival since I missed out three years ago when they screened my short, The Withered Dead, and a torrential downpour kept me from making the four hour drive. I couldn’t be happier to get the email saying we were in, and I certainly can’t wait to hit up this wonderful festival and party with all those wonderful filmmakers!

The second email I received was completely out of the blue, and I could barely believe it! The Atlantic Film Festival partners with CBC every year to producer a series called “CBC Download“. It is a series in its fifth season focusing on Atlantic Canada films and the people behind them. The first episode of this season is set to air on October 26th just in time for Halloween, and I was offered a spot for Presence to be a part of it. Along with airing on CBC, it will also be available to watch on and iTunes.

I am so grateful to be getting so many opportunities to show Presence after having worked so long and hard on this film and having so many wonderful people help me make it a reality!  Please check it out and show some love!

As always, thanks for the support!

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