Production diaries

See you all at the 7th annual Halifax Independent Film Festival!!


So the amazing people at the Halifax Independent Film Festival and AFCOOP have asked me to take part in their last panel of the festival called “Music, Video, Art: Making Music Videos as Art” It’s free to attend and it’s taking place at 1pm at the Bus Stop Theatre on Friday, April 12th 2013. There are some awesome people joining me like Tanya DavisJoel Plaskett, Mike Maryniuk and we are going to have a great discussion around art and business when it comes to music videos.

I implore you to attend (I love using that word).

In fact I implore you to go out and support this amazing local film festival, there are awesome panels happening everyday, like my good friend Glen Matthews is on a panel called “Crowd Sourcing: Online Fundraising for Independent Filmmakers” as well as a showcase of a lot of great films and filmmakers.

For full schedule and details check out and come have a fun time with us!

See you at the HIFF

Much love,


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