Production diaries

The ever elusive dollar

So we are less than 2 months away from shooting our short film! January 12, 13th and 19th are the magic dates. But the thing is even though we’ve had fantastic success with our fundraising we still need some help to hit our minimum budget.

So we are asking for help yet again! We have some perks for those are able to help support us, they break down as the following:

$1-25 – On screen thank you in the final credits and personalized copy of the film for you own collection.

$25-50 – You will receive an “Associate Producer” title in the final credits, along with an imdb credit and a copy of the film to show off to all your friends and family.

$50-100 – You will receive an “Executive Producer” credit in the opening credits to make yourself really stand out, the imdb credit, copy of the film and an autographed 11×17″ original movie poster

$100+ – You will of course receive everything in the Executive perk, but also receive a private look at the behind the scenes of the making of the film via the “Directors Cam” as I record my experiences on set and share them with you.

We have loaded up a donate button (through paypal) on the home page which you can use safely and easily, or you can contact me to directly if that’s how you would prefer.

If you could share this around to everyone you know, we don’t have far to go but we would love the help!

I hate being such a greedy jerk,

Foster Avenue Productions

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