Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop

One of my earliest movie related memories was back when I was around five years old. Apparently my older brother and I were big into some show (That we can’t remember the name of) that was about a robotic police officer of some sort. Anyway, the family VCR was still new to us and we all went to the video store to pick out some movies to watch as a family.

After following my dad to the action section, my brother and I instantly had our eyes grabbed by a certain metallic case from a 1980’s classic. My Dad seem to take very little convincing to rent it and before we knew it we were all hunkered down in the living room and popping in Paul Verhoeven Classic ‘Robocop’.

None of us, with the exception of possibly my Dad knew what we were in store for, but it didn’t take long to find out!

Before we knew it, Boddicker was standing over Murphy and blowing his hand off with a pump action shotgun.

My Mom screamed, “David, fast forward!” as blood, gore and limbs hit the walls as the rest of the gang unleashed their fury on Murphy. My Dad disappointed, grumbled and hit FWD on the remote and got us safely past the bloodshed.

Now I don’t remember how we all finished the movie or if my Mom decided it was too much and shut it off. But what I still remember to this day was the power of a genre film had over of me. The disgust and exhilaration I felt as I watched the violence unfold. But the memory that sticks with me the most was the wonderment of how this movie magic worked!

Thus began my early obsession with filmmaking and story telling.

Foster Avenue Productions

2 thoughts on “Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop”

    1. It’s pretty amazing now that I look back on my childhood how many seeds were planted to get me on this path.
      I never thought of being a filmmaker as a career growing up but now it seems to be the only thing that makes sense.

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