Production diaries

What a night!!

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So in case you missed it , this past Thursday (October 11th) we held a fundraising event at Michael’s Bar and Grill with proceeds going towards our new film Presence.

We gathered Halifax’s top musical talents, topped it with some of the funniest hosts and sprinkled it with local artwork (provided by Vanessa Furlong and Be Bold Graphic Design) and free movies from Video Difference.

The boys in Background Noise  didn’t waste anytime to introduce me and bring me up on stage to bullshit about my stuff. Luckily I had my co-producer and star Glen Matthews there to keep me from looking like a big jerk. Derrek and Luke then kicked the show off by introducing the first performer!

Gracing the stage was the amazing guitar talents of Jason Szeto. This man can make a guitar sing, I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of fantastic musicians perform, and this man sits high at the top. I urge you to check out his stuff as you won’t be disappointed.

Second up were the insane hip hop skills of Vanessa Furlong and EMC of Three Sheet. The two of them got all our blood pumping with some original tracks while mixing in some Three Sheet moments. EMC blew all our minds (Vanessa included) with his beat boxing skills and Vanessa melted our hearts with her power house vocals!

Third up was the Big Game Hunt boys. This was their first show back after a year long break and line up change, but you would have never guessed it. The boys started with a fury and didn’t let up. I’ve been fortunate to see these guys play multiple times and this was easily one of the best sets they’ve ever played. It was a privilege to have the return of Big Game Hunt happen at this show!

I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite metal bands finish the night off. The bearded wonders (I’m cutting Brian some slack) of Orchid’s Curse unleashed an intense and crushing set of face melting shreds and heart pounding breakdowns which equals pure metal gold. I rocked out so fucking hard that my neck is still sore two nights later.

My head is still swimming by how amazing and successful this night was! I had four of my favorite musical acts on the same bill, hung out with a ton of new and old friends, fundraised a decent chunk of change to my film and to top it off everyone was thanking me for putting it on, I still don’t know how that works!

I can never express my gratitude to the generous people who came out to enjoy such a wicked show and to everyone who helped make it happen!

But I couldn’t have done it without Josh Hogan, Brian Jones, Ketih MacLeod, Kevin Mombourquette, Bobby Webb, Vaness Furlong, EMC (Eric McIntyre), Jordan Rose, Matt Duncanson, Jake Smith, Jason Burbine, Jason Szeto, Derrek Ord, Lucas MacLachlan, Devin Deuville, Jay Rawding, Cory Leach, Maddi MacDonald and C J MacMillian plus all the amazing staff at Michael’s!

Also a big thank you to Devin Deuville and Janet M. Lunn for the amazing photographs! Please go check out their stuff

I can’t thank you all enough, you helped make this little ole filmmaker feel pretty fucking special!

Much love,

-Foster Avenue Productions

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