Production diaries

‘Presence’ in development

Hey everyone, I am extremely excited to announce that Foster Ave Productions has started development on our next short film project. It’s a psychological horror film called ‘Presence’ and is set to star Glen Matthews in the lead role with Natasha MacLellan co-starring.

The film tells the story of Kyle (Matthews), a young musician who starts questioning his sanity after he begins hearing sounds that are normally not detectable by human hearing. What ensues is an exploration into the power sound has over our psychological and physical well-being.

As you can tell I have a fantastic cast lined up, I have a great crew that keeps growing, now I just need help raising some cold hard cash to make the movie.

So please check out my indiegogo campaign and if you’re so inclined to make drop a couple bucks then it could land you a credit on the film or even a personalized poster and so much more!!

-Much love as always, Colin MacDonald, Foster Avenue Productions


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