Production diaries

Busy busy busy!

Hey guys,

Colin here, sorry you’re not getting to see my handsome mug this time but I’ve been working hard with Ruby Tree Films and haven’t had much spare time! But it’s so awesome, I really can’t describe to you what a one in a lifetime opportunity this has been so far and it’s only fixing to get better!

As far as F.A.P. is concerned, we had one very successful screening of The Withered Dead, on September 13th with the fine people of Monday Night Massacre. Gotta thank Troy Kirker, Ian Matheson and Myron Cottreau for putting on such a kick ass time and they only do it cause they love horror movies!! Got to respect that!

Stay tuned my fine friends, we will be keeping things rolling as the Halloween spirit draws close.

Much love


1 thought on “Busy busy busy!”

  1. Glad things are going good for you Colin. Happy that you’re doing what you love and were quite obviously meant to do. enjoy sweetie

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