Production diaries

Little bit of an update

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted something new. But as I’m sure everyone is feeling the chaos that this time of year can induce; I too have been really busy.

Now this time of year does  slow things down for film business and shifts the focus back to the real world. But despite all the crazyness I do have a small bit of update for all you fans of Foster Avenue Productions.

First off I have compiled a new dvd that is currently available for rent at Video Difference. It’s a collection of  short films that I have shot over the past year. This is time to get excited because this is their debut on dvd! So if you haven’t seen them yet, or you just wanna watch them on your big screen tv then pick up a copy for free tonight!

Secondly, I have cut together the first of many demo reels to showcase my work of the past year and a half.  Please check out my vimeo page and give it a watch!

Finally, I have spent the past day and a half cutting together a little bonus feature that will be included on “The Withered Dead” dvd. At the moment I will only be unveiling it to the cast/crew because it does contain some spoilers for the actual movie. But rest assured it will be apart of the dvd experience, and it does combined a lot of zombies, intenstine eating, bloody gunshots with some very sweet music from Mary Stewart!

That is all for now folks,

I hope this keeps your interest till after the new year when everyone can get back into a normal routine.

Have yourself a very undead holiday season!


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